Tapping an iPhone’s touchscreen to take a photograph or make a phone call is as familiar as the traditional cameras and mobile phones that it replaced. Medical researchers hope to use the same simple interactions to study diseases from Parkinson’s to asthma.页面iPhone的触摸屏来摄影或打电话,如今已显得跟被iPhone代替的传统相机和手机一样令人熟知了。医学研究人员期望用于某种程度非常简单的对话,去研究从帕金森氏综合症到哮喘的各类疾病。

Apple began its move into the digital health industry last summer when it unveiled HealthKit, a software platform that developers can use to pool data about workouts, calorie intake and weight. Apple touted its potential to alert doctors about changes to the user’s wellbeing, and several US hospitals have begun to pilot the system. Less than a year later, almost 1,000 fitness apps are plugging in to HealthKit, giving Apple a strong base upon which to launch its health-centred Watch device.去年夏天,苹果(Apple)开始转入数字医疗行业,发售了HealthKit软件平台,开发人员可以用于该平台汇聚健美磨练、卡路里摄取和体重数据。苹果声称该系统有潜力警告医生注目用户健康状况变化,几家美国医院已开始试用该系统。

将近1年之后,终端HealthKit的健美应用于app已达近1000个,为苹果发售以身体健康为核心的苹果手表(Apple Watch)装置奠下了扎实的基础。Apple’s longer-term plans became clearer with the launch earlier this month of ResearchKit, a way for medical researchers to transform the iPhone into a tool for conducting clinical research.随着本月ResearchKit的发售,医疗研究人员取得一种将iPhone变为临床研究工具的途径,苹果的更加长年计划显得清晰一起。

“All you have to do is stick the iPhone in your pocket, walk out 20 steps and back, and the iPhone’s accelerometer and gyroscope precisely measure gait,” said Jeff Williams, Apple’s senior vice-president for operations, of an app studying Parkinson’s, at this month’s launch.“你只必须仍然把iPhone放到口袋里,踏上20步再行回到,iPhone的加快收和陀螺仪就能精确测量您的步态,”苹果运营高级副总裁杰夫威廉斯(Jeff Williams)在本月发布会上提及一款研究帕金森氏综合症的app时回应。Apple is not planning to make money directly from these apps, which also track diabetes and cardiovascular health. But ResearchKit is building goodwill with the medical community that could help to sell more iPhones or Watches.苹果不想必要通过app赚(此类app还可追踪糖尿病和心血管健康状况)。但ResearchKit正在医疗界打造出较好声誉,有可能有助提升iPhone或Apple Watch销量。

“Having a common platform is a godsend to researchers at the university, hospital, clinical and government level,” says Richard Doherty, research director at Envisioneering, a technology consultancy.“享有一项联合平台,对于大学、医院、临床和政府方面的研究人员来说是天赐之物,”技术咨询公司Envisioneering的研究总监理查德多尔蒂(Richard Doherty)回应。Guaranteeing users’ data security and privacy will be essential. Mr Williams has said that customers will opt into any ResearchKit programmes and promised that Apple “will not see your data”.保证用户数据的安全性与隐私将是不可或缺的。苹果的威廉斯回应,顾客将强迫自由选择重新加入任何ResearchKit计划,他允诺,苹果“将看到你的数据”。He concluded: “Apple has always believed that amazing things can happen when you put technology in the hands of the many.”他断言道:“苹果一直坚信,当你让众人掌控科技手段时,可能会有奇迹再次发生。